Posted on July 31st, 2018 by KGK International Corp

On September 10-15 2018
At McCormick Place
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
Lakeside Hall Booth #34856

KGK International invites you to visit our IMTS2018 exhibit. We'll be showing the latest technology on the Seibu high precision wire EDMs and Kent high quality grinders. Be sure to stop at Lakeside Hall Booth #34856 for a refreshment, listen to our live presentations & leanr about our show specials. We look forward to your visit!

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Seibu Precision wire EDMs
Seibu’s new M50B SMARTNC precision wire EDM will be demonstrating their patented core stitch technology which welds the slug to parent material which is then easily tapped out. An operator can reduce cutting-off process time by up to 97%. The M50B wire EDM has axis travels of 19.7” × 13.8” × 12.2”. The M50B features the new 21.5" SMARTNC control, which includes over 4,000 cutting conditions and the new CAM Station which converts 3D files into NC codes. The control will also demonstrate Seibu’s 5 axis ability to turn and burn. The M50B comes standard with Seibu’s all in one 17" annealing AWF. The wire is first annealed which straightens the wire as it passes through the round wire guides. This extremely reliable AWF can thread through wire break points while the machine is submersed. Also, on display will be the Ultra MM50B SMARTNC wire EDM which guarantees a table positioning accuracy of ±1µm and can thread .002” diameter wire.

Kent Grinders
Kent's surface and rotary grinders will be on display in the KGK-I 2018 booth. KENT Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1966 an is a manufacturer of high quality surface, CNC rotary, universal cylindrical, double Kent KGS63 Surface Grinder IMTS2018 KGK column surface grinders and double column bridge mills. The Kent KGS-63 (12"x24") programmable down feed surface grinder will be on display. Kent KGS surface grinders' castings are made of high-quality ribbed cast iron tempered to achieve extreme rigidity. The machine’s X and Z slideways are laminated with Turcite-B to ensure smooth movement regardless of the part weight on the working table. The spindle is supported by preloaded, P4 angular contact ball bearings to guarantee a maximum runout of 0.00002" for stable an accurate grinding. A Mitsubishi programmable logic controller with a 6" color LCD touchscreen panel constitutes the grinder’s main control. Also, on display will be the Kent KGR-600 CNC Rotary Grinder with a maximum diameter of 24". KENT KGR CNC rotary grinder castings are designed with high quality ribbed cast iron which gives the machine a sound base and elimination vibration. The castings also have a box type design which further enhances the machine rigidity resulting in precision parts.

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